Indian Child Welfare Act

I’m discouraged to learn about the latest tactics to use children, once again, as leverage to take away Native rights. The intentional cruelty of the violent removal of children to the institutions of forced assimilation was what finally broke Indigenous resistance to stealing the land, and its resources, from native peoples. The previous administration alsoContinue reading ” Indian Child Welfare Act”

Capitalism must be reprogrammed with mutual aid

There is a lot of attention on the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland. I am certain little will be done that can even slow down the rapidly accelerating environmental chaos for several reasons. Industrial nations have waited far too long to begin to seriously work to get greenhouse gas emissions under control. While everyContinue reading “Capitalism must be reprogrammed with mutual aid”

Spiritual basis of justice work

This morning my Quaker meeting will continue to discuss our work for peace and justice. In preparation, I’ve been praying about the spiritual basis of justice work. Quakers have a long history of work related to Indigenous peoples, including participation in the institutions of forced assimilation (sometimes referred to as boarding or residential schools). InContinue reading “Spiritual basis of justice work”

Native American Legislative Update

Following are legislative updates for October from Portia K. Skenandore-Wheelock, Congressional Advocate, Native American Advocacy Program, Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL). This is a link to information from FCNL related to Native Americans. On that page you can sign up to receive these legislative updates. The Friends Committee on National Legislation is aContinue reading “Native American Legislative Update”

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

The first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in Canada will be September 30. A schedule of events can be found here. With the attention on the deaths of children in the native residential schools in the land called the United States, we are learning more about these atrocities here. Secretary of the Interior, DebContinue reading “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation”

Defend ICWA

It is difficult enough to learn about the removal, often by force, of native children from their families. And about the terrible things done to the children at the institutions of forced assimilation. The remains of thousands of children are being found on the grounds of many of those institutions. The numbers found are rapidlyContinue reading “Defend ICWA”

Prophecy about black snake

When I first heard the Lakota prophecy about the black snake, I thought it was amazing that a sacred message from so long ago was coming true. What that said about Indigenous spirituality. I thought the image of the black snake was so powerful. A symbol of the evils of the wanton disregard for MotherContinue reading “Prophecy about black snake”

Students teaching students

Yesterday I saw the great presentation, Online Pushback:UnBan Anti-Racism Education in Iowa, a forum by Indigenous youth of the Great Plains Action Society related to Iowa’s ban on teaching Critical Race Theory or Anti-Racism Education (video below). Indigenous Youth Organizers, Alexandrea Walker and Keely Driscoll, have started a youth-led movement to demand that the currentContinue reading “Students teaching students”

Unban Anti-racism Education in Iowa

The Great Plains Action Society youth organizers and experts across Iowa weigh in on white supremacy and the ban on Critical Race Theory. The bans on Critical Race Theory across the country are one of many examples of efforts to whitewash the truth. Online Pushback: UnBan Anti-Racism Education in Iowa YouTube Link The TruthContinue reading “Unban Anti-racism Education in Iowa”

What You Get into Will Change You

Recently a series of things happened that provoked some reflection. I saw the quote, “what you get into will change you. Sometimes in life you just don’t know what you’re getting into”, which prompted me to write the following. A lot happened to me since retiring and returning to Iowa four years ago. I hadn’tContinue reading “What You Get into Will Change You”