Mutual Aid

Interwoven into a Fabric of Oppressive Systems

A recent article in Popular Resistance by Don Fitz is titled, “PATH TO EXTINCTION OR TO A LIVABLE FUTURE. Climate change is not a “thing-unto-itself” but is interwoven into a fabric of oppressive systems. Addressing climate change requires multiple approaches, including participatory economics, financial equality, and mutual aid networks. COPContinue reading “Interwoven into a Fabric of Oppressive Systems”

Mutual Aid or Collapse

For a long time, we have been observing the breakdown of so many systems we depend on. In medicine we have the term ‘multi system organ failure’. I’ve begun to think of the dysfunction of our economic, political, educational, medical, spiritual, and social support web as being in multi systemContinue reading “Mutual Aid or Collapse”

Human Supremacy

This morning I had one of those “ah ha” moments, when something changes my perspective in a way that explains things that seemed inexplicable. I don’t remember hearing the term ‘human supremacy‘ before. But as soon as I read that I understood what it is. White supremacy been part ofContinue reading “Human Supremacy”

Levels of Reality

Wow. The rate at which our environment, economy, political system and social safety programs are collapsing is accelerating much faster than anyone expected. My intension in writing these blog posts is to help me understand what is happening, what crises need attention. Explore possible solutions. And hopefully stimulate others toContinue reading “Levels of Reality”

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