Boarding schools

Indian boarding/residential schools

Mutual Aid stories

For the past week I’ve been thinking and praying a lot about Mutual Aid in preparation for a discussion we plan to have at my Quaker meeting tomorrow. As I have nearly every…

More notes on Mutual Aid

I’ve been preparing for a discussion my Quaker meeting will have this weekend about Mutual Aid. At the end of this is a table of posts I’ve been writing to help me organize…

New Year 2022

I’m concerned to see little progress toward solutions for the myriad of problems we face. Especially with accelerating environmental chaos. We’re paralyzed in the face of so many complex problems. Disheartened because nothing…


Logan Staats’ beautiful new song, “Deadman” is another example of the power of art to call attention to injustice. The track comes alongside a visual accompaniment partially shot at the site of a…

COP26 Not Nearly Enough

I’ve followed the work of Chase Iron Eyes and the Lakota People’s Law Project for years. He was involved in the Dakota Access pipeline struggle at Standing Rock, including begin arrested there. In…

Truth and healing coalition

Yesterday at my Quaker meeting, Bear Creek Friends near Earlham, Iowa, we continued discussions related to Quakers and our relations with Native peoples generally, and those we know personally. There was deep sharing…

Spiritual basis of justice work

This morning my Quaker meeting will continue to discuss our work for peace and justice. In preparation, I’ve been praying about the spiritual basis of justice work. Quakers have a long history of…


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Following are some articles about forced assimilation found on Quakers, social justice and revolution.

Quaker Indigenous Residential/Boarding Schools
Where are the Children Buried?
Much worse than I realized
Moral injury, soul repair and Quaker Indian residential schools
Our history books conveniently left the truth out
Why We Must Honor the Lost Children of Turtle Island
Indigenous Youth, Leadership and Suicide
Jason Eaglespeaker graphic books on Residential schools
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