Teachable moment

Yesterday I wrote why decolonization and Indigenous liberation is the only way to mitigate the damages done from unrestrained fossil fuel extraction and burning. From a lifetime’s experience I know just saying something like that doesn’t register for most people. Stories or events that impact a person’s life directly are what we learn from. IContinue reading “Teachable moment”

State of Intimidation

Yesterday’s article was about ‘Treaties Not Tar Sands’ which summarized the Treaty People Walk for Water. Walkers arrived at the Minnesota Capitol grounds yesterday, ending a 200+ mile walk from the Mississippi headwaters, an effort to draw attention to the state-approved Enbridge Line 3 pipeline. Isn’t it ironic that Enbridge says Line 3 is neededContinue reading “State of Intimidation”

Treaties Not Tar Sands

Protecting water from fossil fuel pipeline projects is an example of #LANDBACK. There is the devastation of the earth and water during extraction of fossil fuels, pipeline construction, and when the pipelines leak. The tons of carbon dioxide that will be added to our atmosphere when that fuel is burned. The acidification of the oceansContinue reading “Treaties Not Tar Sands”

Water walkers

Water protectors are walking from the headwaters of the Mississippi to Minneapolis. They are walking 235 miles to the Minnesota State Capitol to tell President Biden to cancel the Line 3 Tar Sands pipeline permit. The video at the end of this discusses LN3: 7 TEACHINGS OF THE ANISHINAABE RESISTANCE. This morning, water walkers leftContinue reading “Water walkers”


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