What is Land Back?

Introduction to LANDBACK

Land • Back noun. The ongoing movement to return land to the stewardship of Indigenous peoples

Beyond its explicit demand, landback is about transforming settler-colonial relationships to land; restoring the language, culture and sovereignty of tribal communities; and dismantling white supremacy. Landback is part of a larger movement toward decolonization and liberation and has existed in various forms in North America for centuries.

Time for a Reset

The measure of a community is how the needs of its people are met. No one should go hungry, or without shelter or healthcare. Yet in this country known as the United States millions struggle to survive. The capitalist economic system creates hunger, houselessness, illness that is preventable and despair. A system that requires money for goods and services denies basic needs to anyone who does not have money. The capitalist system that supports the white materialistic lifestyle is built on stolen land and genocide of Indigenous peoples, and the labor of those who were enslaved in the past or are forced to live on poverty wages today.

First Nation-Farmer Unity March
This builds on the work started when a small group of Native and non-native people spent a week together, walking and camping along the route of the Dakota Access pipeline (94 miles). It accomplished the intention of building a community of people who could work together on issues of common concern going forward. The photo below was taken at a pumping station of DAPL. There are a lot of photos, videos and posts about that sacred journey here:

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