Environmental chaos

The total disregard for the protection of Mother Earth and all our relations has brought us to this time of environmental chaos.

It seems multiple tipping points have been triggered and our path through mass extinction cannot be stopped.

The voice of the ancient ones could not be heard in the era of mindless resource extraction for monetary gain of the few. Sacrificing the health of Mother Earth now, and any hope for our children, and their children. The concept of consideration of the next seven generations so badly broken there will likely not be that many generations. Human life likely extinguished before then.

Any hope of mitigating this evolving chaos requires guidance of the Spirit. This is an important part of LANDBACK.

It’s decolonization or extinction. And that starts with land back.

I’ve often written about my inability to convince people why we need to reject the systems of capitalism and endless economic growth. Emblematic of that is nearly fifty years I’ve lived without a car, hoping others might give up theirs, too. I’ve prayed and written so much about protecting Mother Earth for years, with littleContinue reading “It’s decolonization or extinction. And that starts with land back.”

Do we feel the tipping point first in our souls?

Apocalyptical scenes of floods and huge, ferocious fires dominate the news. Hundreds of square miles destroyed. Huge clouds of smoke stretch across the country. We feel hopeless, not only to control the devastation, but realizing this environmental chaos will only worsen. Many long to return to normal, to leave this trauma behind. But those ofContinue reading “Do we feel the tipping point first in our souls?”

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