Environmental chaos

The total disregard for the protection of Mother Earth and all our relations has brought us to this time of environmental chaos.

It seems multiple tipping points have been triggered and our path through mass extinction cannot be stopped.

The voice of the ancient ones could not be heard in the era of mindless resource extraction for monetary gain of the few. Sacrificing the health of Mother Earth now, and any hope for our children, and their children. The concept of consideration of the next seven generations so badly broken there will likely not be that many generations. Human life likely extinguished before then.

Any hope of mitigating this evolving chaos requires guidance of the Spirit. This is an important part of LANDBACK.

New Year 2022

I’m concerned to see little progress toward solutions for the myriad of problems we face. Especially with accelerating environmental chaos. We’re paralyzed in the face of so many complex problems. Disheartened because nothing makes progress. I contend that is because, as Albert Einstein said, “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we usedContinue reading “New Year 2022”

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