Dakota 38 + 2

The day after Christmas, Dec. 26, 1862, President Abraham Lincoln ordered the largest execution in United States history — the hanging of 38 Dakota men. At the heart of this is the genocide and land theft of the tribal nations by the white settler-colonialists. #LANDBACK “Today, all the people of the region continue to beContinue reading “Dakota 38 + 2”

COP26 Not Nearly Enough

I’ve followed the work of Chase Iron Eyes and the Lakota People’s Law Project for years. He was involved in the Dakota Access pipeline struggle at Standing Rock, including begin arrested there. In the video below, he and his daughter, Tokata, talk about why everything discussed at COOP26 isn’t nearly enough. As we near theContinue reading “COP26 Not Nearly Enough”

Earth’s Bloodstains

I awoke wondering how to bring more attention to the horrors of the institutions of forced assimilation in the lands called the United States and Canada. The atrocities hidden for many years are finally beginning to be exposed as the remains of THOUSANDS of children are being located on the grounds of those institutions. EvenContinue reading “Earth’s Bloodstains”

Warrior Life Podcast

Pam Palmater tweeted this episode of Warrior Life Podcast today. She says this podcast is a response to the call for Wet’suwet’en solidarity. Doing her part to help amplify Wet’suwet’en voices about violent RCMP actions happening right now and how we can help. She was not able to conduct a face-to-face interview with Gidimt’en spokesperson,Continue reading “Warrior Life Podcast”

Stop the Genocide

It is such a dichotomy to witness the ongoing invasion of the Wet’suwet’en peoples’ lands by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Coastal Gaslink while truth and reconciliation efforts are supposed to be happening in the lands called Canada and the United States. Even during the observation of Indigenous Peoples’ Day in the United States.Continue reading “Stop the Genocide”

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Today, Sept 30, 2021, is the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in the country known as Canada. There is a lot of publicity now related to the institutions of forced assimilation. The remains of thousands of children being located by ground penetrating radar on the grounds of those institutions. Articles about the historyContinue reading “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation”

UNeducate Yourself!

I have purchased a number of books and graphic novels from Jason Eaglespeaker. https://www.eaglespeaker.com/ In honor of National Day for Truth & Reconciliation (September 30th, in Canada), Jason is offering all three versions of UNeducation, A Residential School Graphic Novel, Vol 1 for free! See where to get them below. This offer is good forContinue reading “UNeducate Yourself!”

Truth and Healing Curriculum

As the horror stories of the institutions of forced assimilation of Indigenous children continue to emerge, it is clear the erasure of this history almost succeeded. I remember being taught very little beyond Columbus ‘discovering America’, the colonial version of ‘Thanksgiving’, and not much related to the settler colonists and Indigenous peoples. It is crucialContinue reading “Truth and Healing Curriculum”

even Quakers if you can believe that

“even Quakers if you can believe that“. I heard this from an Indigenous friend during a presentation about institutions of forced assimilation. This is damning for us Quakers. A jarring dichotomy of being viewed as leaders in the work for peace and justice and yet to have participated, continue to participate in the cultural genocideContinue reading “even Quakers if you can believe that”

Native American Boarding School Violence and Whitewashed History

I have been blessed to get to know and become friends with Sikowis (Christine Nobiss). Four years ago I heard her speak about building bridges with native peoples during Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative)’s annual sessions. In 2018 we walked and camped together for 94 miles, eight days, along the path of the Dakota Access pipelineContinue reading “Native American Boarding School Violence and Whitewashed History”