What kind of ancestor do you want to be?

In these increasingly troubled times I find myself thinking about the concept of sensemaking, the action or process of making sense of or giving meaning to something, especially new developments and experiences.  It is increasingly difficult to make sense of all that is going on today. All the bad things I had anticipated for the future areContinue reading “What kind of ancestor do you want to be?”

We’re Losing the Battle for the Future continued

Yesterday I wrote about umair haque’s article We’re Losing the Battle for the Future because I believe he accurately lays out where we are at this moment. And, more importantly, has some suggestions about what we can do. As does the excerpt below from the report of the Peace and Social Concerns Committee of IowaContinue reading “We’re Losing the Battle for the Future continued”

LANDBACK Campaign demands

Dismantle — white supremacy structures that forcefully removed us from our Lands and continue to keep our Peoples in oppression. Bureau of Land Management, National Parks Service Defund — white supremacy and the mechanisms and systems that enforce it and disconnect us from stewardship of the Land. Police, military industrial complex, Border Patrol, ICE Return — All publicContinue reading “LANDBACK Campaign demands”

LANDBACK organizing principles

Don’t burn bridges: even when there is conflict between groups or organizers remember that we are fighting for all of our peoples and we will continue to be in community even after this battle Don’t defend our ways  Organize to win  Move from abundance – We come from a space of scarcity. We must work from aContinue reading “LANDBACK organizing principles”

LANDBACK Introduction

The following introduction to LANDBACK comes from LANDBACK.ORG On July 3, 2020, Land Defenders took to Mt.Rushmore to reignite the fight for the Black Hills and the closure of Mt. Rushmore, a symbol of white supremacy and racism. Now, 21 of those Land Defenders who stood in defense of the sacred Ȟesápa, the ancestral homelandsContinue reading “LANDBACK Introduction”

Water protectors and state sanctioned violence

Protecting water from fossil fuel pipeline projects is an example of #LANDBACK. There is the devastation to the earth during extraction of fossil fuels, during pipeline construction, and when the pipelines leak. The tons of carbon dioxide that will be added to our atmosphere when that fuel is burned. The acidification of the oceans asContinue reading “Water protectors and state sanctioned violence”

We’re Losing the Battle for the Future

Yesterday I shared the Story of umair haque and Eudaimonia. His recent article elucidates many of the concerns related to environmental disaster and climate refugees I’ve been writing about for a long time (so he must to be right ! ) The following is from the Peace and Social Concerns Committee of Iowa Yearly MeetingContinue reading “We’re Losing the Battle for the Future”