The eyes of the future are looking back at us

There is a native concept of considering what the effects of decisions made today will be on seven generations into the future. The following quotation makes a two-way connection between us and future generations. Looking at each other over the generations. The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are prayingContinue reading “The eyes of the future are looking back at us”

Not Only Food

I would normally be going to Des Moines this morning to help put together boxes of food with my Des Moines Mutual Aid friends. I won’t because predictions for heavy snow overnight would make travel hazardous. The predictions were accurate. And my brother is visiting. The Des Moines Mutual Aid’s (DMMA) Points of Unity expressesContinue reading “Not Only Food”

The Tipping Point that will destroy the world

George Monbiot is known for his environmental and political activism. He writes a weekly column for The Guardian and is the author of a number of books. Popular culture is finally beginning to be alarmed by environmental devastation. The movie Don’t Look Up being a current example. I’m not promoting the reference to Double DownContinue reading “The Tipping Point that will destroy the world”

Notes to myself

This morning I’m seeking guidance for a way to discuss the concepts of, and my experiences with Mutual Aid in preparation for a discussion about that with my Quaker meeting. Quakers have a long tradition of prayerfully reflecting upon a series of questions, we call queries, to facilitate our discussions of topics like education, socialContinue reading “Notes to myself”

What I don’t know about Mutual Aid

Disclaimer: Before getting to that, I think I should make a disclaimer, especially since I shared the 2021 Peace and Social Concerns report of my yearly meeting, Iowa Yearly Meeting (Conservative). I included that because Mutual Aid is mentioned in the report. “These injustices are some of the effects of systems of white supremacy. TheContinue reading “What I don’t know about Mutual Aid”

Resolve to be always beginning

Resolve to be always beginning — to be a beginner. –Rainer Maria Rilke I’m hoping some Friends might consider Mutual Aid to be part of their new story this new year. Yesterday’s post was an introduction. This is a link to a lot more information about my experiences with Mutual Aid. Mutual Aid in theContinue reading “Resolve to be always beginning”

Why the Fundamental Challenge of the 21st Century is Community

umair haque writes a daily article on his website, Eudaimonia & Co. His December 26 article “Why the Fundamental Challenge of the 21st Century is Community” provides an interesting perspective on my recent experiences with Mutual Aid and evolving vision for what could come next. umair says we need to expand our sense of moralContinue reading “Why the Fundamental Challenge of the 21st Century is Community”

COP 26 and continued colonial capitalism

As expected, little was accomplished at the recent COP 26 meetings because countries with capitalist economic systems were in control. Industrial nations’ policies will continue to protect the capitalist economic system and the fossil fuel industry regardless of the environmental consequences. See: I often write about the necessity of replacing the capitalist economic systemContinue reading “COP 26 and continued colonial capitalism”