The eyes of the future are looking back at us

There is a native concept of considering what the effects of decisions made today will be on seven generations into the future. The following quotation makes a two-way connection between us and future generations. Looking at each other over the generations. The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they are prayingContinue reading “The eyes of the future are looking back at us”

More notes on Mutual Aid

I’ve been preparing for a discussion my Quaker meeting will have this weekend about Mutual Aid. At the end of this is a table of posts I’ve been writing to help me organize my thoughts. I am not satisfied with how this post has turned out, but these are notes, not a finished document. SteppingContinue reading “More notes on Mutual Aid”

COP26 Not Nearly Enough

I’ve followed the work of Chase Iron Eyes and the Lakota People’s Law Project for years. He was involved in the Dakota Access pipeline struggle at Standing Rock, including begin arrested there. In the video below, he and his daughter, Tokata, talk about why everything discussed at COOP26 isn’t nearly enough. As we near theContinue reading “COP26 Not Nearly Enough”

Truth and healing coalition

Yesterday at my Quaker meeting, Bear Creek Friends near Earlham, Iowa, we continued discussions related to Quakers and our relations with Native peoples generally, and those we know personally. There was deep sharing related to what we were learning about the institutions of forced assimilation. Like me, others indicated they had not understood the depthsContinue reading “Truth and healing coalition”

Spiritual basis of justice work

This morning my Quaker meeting will continue to discuss our work for peace and justice. In preparation, I’ve been praying about the spiritual basis of justice work. Quakers have a long history of work related to Indigenous peoples, including participation in the institutions of forced assimilation (sometimes referred to as boarding or residential schools). InContinue reading “Spiritual basis of justice work”

Continued erasure of Indigenous peoples

How can the atrocities of the Native residential institutions of forced assimilation, continue to be ignored by the mainstream media, governments, and the public? (These institutions should not be referred to as “schools”. ) How can faith communities, some of whom were involved with these institutions, not advocate to have the truth revealed, and workContinue reading “Continued erasure of Indigenous peoples”

Earth’s Bloodstains

I awoke wondering how to bring more attention to the horrors of the institutions of forced assimilation in the lands called the United States and Canada. The atrocities hidden for many years are finally beginning to be exposed as the remains of THOUSANDS of children are being located on the grounds of those institutions. EvenContinue reading “Earth’s Bloodstains”

Evidence and faith

I find it increasingly difficult to make sense of what is going on today. All the terrible things I had anticipated for the future are suddenly happening now. And things I never imagined, like the assaults on truth and science, come at a time when they are desperately needed. There are all kinds of waysContinue reading “Evidence and faith”

We fight for our children

I avoid too many quotations and media from other sources in these blog posts. But there are stories that need to be told by those most affected, those doing the work for truth and justice. The stories here are by and about the Wet’suwet’en peoples who have been working for years to protect their landsContinue reading “We fight for our children”

Listen with open ears

These past several days have brought attention to the concepts of truth and reconciliation as the land known as Canada held its first observation of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. September 30th was also Orange Shirt Day, which focuses on those who were forced to attend the Indian Boarding Schools, those institutions ofContinue reading “Listen with open ears”