Keep Mason City’s Racist Mascot in the Past

December 20 at 5:30 PM the Mason City Community School District will be meeting at 1515 South Pennsylvania Ave in Mason City (be there by 4:30). Map below.

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Monday, December 20, 2021, from 5:30 – 6:30 PM CST
Mason City Community School District Administration Building
1515 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Mason City, Iowa

Important Notes:
– Enter the building on the South side.
If you would like to speak then you must be signed up to speak before 5:30 PM.
– We are encouraging folks to show up by 4:30 PM to fill the room with positivity!
– Folks signed up to speak have 5 minutes allotted, but we encourage shorter testimonies so more may be heard.
– We are there only to make a case to the Mason City School Board that they must NOT reinstate the mascot. We DO NOT encourage any interaction with the “Save the Name” group outside or inside the meeting. We insist on non-violent language and behavior.

The Mason City Community School District realized, after 96 years, that they needed to retire the racist Mohawk mascot. They did so after the St. Regis Mohawk Tribe told them to stop and the Meskwaki Nation/ACLU and Great Plains Action Society have been very public about abolishing racist mascots in Iowa. However, a white-led group of agitators is trying to reverse this decision and their rhetoric is filled with vile, dehumanizing, racist, and transphobic behavior. They managed to present a petition to speak at the December 20th meeting and we would like Indigenous folks and allies to join us in making a strong stand against white supremacy and to set a precedent that racist mascots will no longer be tolerated in Iowa.

Keep Mason City’s Racist Mascot in the Past

This is follow up to previous events about Mason City schools, including an online forum December 12. See more here: Abolish Racist Mascots

Join us for an Indigenous-led forum discussing why mascots in Iowa are harmful and perpetuate white supremacy. Though Iowa has 27 racist “Indian” mascots still being used, we will spotlight the issue in Mason City where white supremacists have organized to protest the rightful retirement of the Mohawk mascot.

Following are graphics from the Great Plains Action Society

“The Des Moines Register identified 27 high schools with Indigenous-themed mascots from a list provided by the Iowa High School Athletic Association. That count does not include the Meskwaki Settlement School Warriors. The Sac and Fox Tribe’s list included elementary and middle schools as well”


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