In their silence; they woke the world

The Indigenous people who have suffered the tragedies of the residential schools are who should their stories. “In their silence, they woke the world” – these powerful seven words are spoken at the end of a short video released by the Sḵwx̱wú7mesh Úxwumixw (Squamish Nation) this week to remember the many lives lost and impactedContinue reading “In their silence; they woke the world”


From their beginnings the Indian residential schools, as they were called, in the United States and Canada, were institutions of cultural genocide, abuse, hunger, illness and death of Native children. Some were literally killed. Others died from disease. Or during their desperate journeys of escape. The institutions were usually far away from the tribe. IContinue reading “Incomprehensible”

Monuments to White Supremacy July 4, 2020

Following are excerpts from a blog post I wrote about the gathering on July 4 last year related to white supremacy and monuments to white supremacy. Statues to Confederate soldiers are monuments to White supremacy. These White men committed treason by seceding from the United States, and going to war to preserve the institution ofContinue reading “Monuments to White Supremacy July 4, 2020”

Our communities are still mourning

Trauma is passed from generation to generation. The recent documentation of the remains of 215 Native children at a boarding school in Canada has re-opened deep wounds in Native communities. Some of my Native friends have shared how this affects them and their families today. Many have been triggered by this atrocity. One of myContinue reading “Our communities are still mourning”

Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative

Yesterday I wrote how the verification of the remains of 215 children at the Kamloops Indian Residential School affected my Native friends and me. That discovery prompted Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland to announce a Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative, for a comprehensive review of the troubled legacy of federal boarding school policies. ConclusionContinue reading “Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative”

Space between stories, worlds

I’ve been broken by the latest calamity, the verification of the remains of 215 Native children on the grounds of what was a residential school in British Columbia. More tragic is knowing hundreds of other Indigenous children died, or were killed, in these institutions of forced assimilation in the lands called Canada and the UnitedContinue reading “Space between stories, worlds”

Time for a reset

The Spirit tells me it is time for a reset. My whole life I have tried to protect Mother Earth. Live without a car, live in small apartments, protect the water. Protect us from pipelines and other fossil fuel projects. Organize nonviolent direct actions. I learned what I could about the many atrocities related toContinue reading “Time for a reset”