Resistance is a powerful concept. As I pray and learn about atrocities and injustices, the courage of resisters in all struggles, through all time, inspire me. My own first experience with resistance came when I was 18 years old and faced the decision regarding registering for the draft (Selective Service System). The stories of, theContinue reading “Resist”

Intertwined threads

Writing is a spiritual practice for me. Sitting at the computer, I try to quiet my mind to hear what I should write. In times past a writer would sit in front of a blank page. This morning there are intertwined threads. There are many reasons news of the remains of Native children profoundly affectsContinue reading “Intertwined threads”

Tensions between Native peoples and Christian religions

There is growing sorrow and anger in Indigenous communities now. Related to the awful and expanding discoveries of the remains of children, thousands of them, found on the grounds of former Native residential schools. A good friend told me he is trying to not let rage get in the way of his mourning. I knowContinue reading “Tensions between Native peoples and Christian religions”

Support the BIPOC struggle in Iowa

People ask me how they can support local oppressed communities. Showing up tomorrow is a great way to do so. Organizers “would love to see a mass turnout to support the BIPOC struggle in Iowa”. Tomorrow, July 4, 1-3 pm, an event I previously wrote about will take place at the Iowa State Capitol. StopContinue reading “Support the BIPOC struggle in Iowa”

Proximity and perspective

This is likely to be a kind of stream of consciousness. Exploring proximity of distance, of time, proximity to the Spirit. How proximity changes our perspective. I’m floundering. I seem to have become unmoored from the Quaker faith community I was raised in and chose to remain part of my entire life. Throughout my lifeContinue reading “Proximity and perspective”

Space between stories, worlds

I’ve been broken by the latest calamity, the verification of the remains of 215 Native children on the grounds of what was a residential school in British Columbia. More tragic is knowing hundreds of other Indigenous children died, or were killed, in these institutions of forced assimilation in the lands called Canada and the UnitedContinue reading “Space between stories, worlds”