9 Children of the Sicangu Oyate traveling home to Lakota Makoce

SIOUX CITY — A caravan bringing home the remains of nine Rosebud Sioux children, who died at a Pennsylvania boarding school more than a century ago, will stop in Sioux City Thursday. Ten Native American children — nine from the South Dakota tribe and one from the Alaskan Aleut Tribe — were recently disinterred fromContinue reading “9 Children of the Sicangu Oyate traveling home to Lakota Makoce”

The return of children from Carlisle boarding school

SIOUX CITY, IA July 15th A fire will be lit on July 15th in honor and remembrance of the nine Sicangu children who will be traveling back home to finally lay to rest. A community meal/prayer service will be at 8pm, but everyone is welcomed to come earlier to pray and pay their respects atContinue reading “The return of children from Carlisle boarding school”

Iowa Prairie Conference

My friend Sikowis (Christine Nobiss) will be speaking at this virtual 2021Iowa Prairie Conference July 31st. She will be speaking at 12:10 pm End-Stage Iowa: Big-Ag’s Sacrifice Zone and Indigenous Resistance. Here is the link to the registration page: Tickets for Iowa Prairie Conference in Des Moines from MIDWESTIX The Iowa Prairie Conference is aContinue reading “Iowa Prairie Conference”

July 4 Nexus

nexus a connection or series of connections linking two or more things There are so many concepts and much history related to July 4th. I’ve come a long way from what I, a white person, was taught in school. About the heroes and battles that brought independence from the British. And just a sentence orContinue reading “July 4 Nexus”

Support the BIPOC struggle in Iowa

People ask me how they can support local oppressed communities. Showing up tomorrow is a great way to do so. Organizers “would love to see a mass turnout to support the BIPOC struggle in Iowa”. Tomorrow, July 4, 1-3 pm, an event I previously wrote about will take place at the Iowa State Capitol. StopContinue reading “Support the BIPOC struggle in Iowa”

Sioux City Native Youth Camp

Event by Great Plains Action Society Riverside Park Shelter #4 Sioux City, IA 51109 Price: Free · Duration: 1 day Public  · Anyone on or off FacebookProtect The Sacred Native Youth Camp July 10, 2021 8am – 4pmJuly 11, 2021 8am – 5pmRiverside Park, Shelter #41301 Riverside BlvdSioux City, Iowa For youth ages 5-19Pre-Registration at bit.ly/ptsyouthcamp ABSOLUTELY FREE EVENT!Continue reading “Sioux City Native Youth Camp”

Stop Whitewashing Genocide and Slavery

Bring back critical race theory and remove monuments to white supremacy in Iowa. July 4, 2021. 1 – 3 pm. West terrace Iowa State Capitol Stop Whitewashing Genocide & Slavery!!! Bring Back Critical Race Theory & Remove Monuments to White Supremacy in Iowa! We have an event planned for July 4th at the Capitol ComplexContinue reading “Stop Whitewashing Genocide and Slavery”