Stop Whitewashing Genocide and Slavery

Bring back critical race theory and remove monuments to white supremacy in Iowa. July 4, 2021. 1 – 3 pm. West terrace Iowa State Capitol Stop Whitewashing Genocide & Slavery!!! Bring Back Critical Race Theory & Remove Monuments to White Supremacy in Iowa! We have an event planned for July 4th at the Capitol ComplexContinue reading “Stop Whitewashing Genocide and Slavery”

Line 3 6/23/2021

There is an urgent call to support the Red Lake Treaty Camp in Minnesota Line 3 where Enbridge is moving in heavy machinery to prepare drilling at Red Lake River without a required tribal monitor present. Indigenous leaders have been exercising their treaty rights there to oppose the construction activities. They received notice this morningContinue reading “Line 3 6/23/2021”

Our communities are still mourning

Trauma is passed from generation to generation. The recent documentation of the remains of 215 Native children at a boarding school in Canada has re-opened deep wounds in Native communities. Some of my Native friends have shared how this affects them and their families today. Many have been triggered by this atrocity. One of myContinue reading “Our communities are still mourning”

Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative

Yesterday I wrote how the verification of the remains of 215 children at the Kamloops Indian Residential School affected my Native friends and me. That discovery prompted Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland to announce a Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative, for a comprehensive review of the troubled legacy of federal boarding school policies. ConclusionContinue reading “Federal Indian Boarding School Initiative”

Space between stories, worlds

I’ve been broken by the latest calamity, the verification of the remains of 215 Native children on the grounds of what was a residential school in British Columbia. More tragic is knowing hundreds of other Indigenous children died, or were killed, in these institutions of forced assimilation in the lands called Canada and the UnitedContinue reading “Space between stories, worlds”


When I joked with a friend about running, he said the only running he would be doing was from the police. Sadly, he was serious. LANDBACK and Mutual Aid work to abolish the status quo of colonial, or racial capitalism, and white supremacy. This quote is by a good friend of mine, who introduced meContinue reading “TO END RACIAL CAPITALISM, WE WILL NEED TO TAKE ON POLICING”

Moral Injury

I’ve been praying and writing about this unsettled time for me. I know there are other members of my Quaker faith community who also feel this way. As I try to explain here, Spiritual discernment to leave Quakers, I was led to temporarily distance myself from Quakers. I didn’t have a clear understanding of whyContinue reading “Moral Injury”