Do we feel the tipping point first in our souls?

Apocalyptical scenes of floods and huge, ferocious fires dominate the news. Hundreds of square miles destroyed. Huge clouds of smoke stretch across the country. We feel hopeless, not only to control the devastation, but realizing this environmental chaos will only worsen. Many long to return to normal, to leave this trauma behind. But those ofContinue reading “Do we feel the tipping point first in our souls?”

We will all become climate refugees

I recently wrote “we need to model how to build sustainable communities not only for climate refugees coming to the Midwest, but also for ourselves. When water no longer flows through the pipes, sewer systems fail and there is no electricity, we will all become climate refugees.” Two difficult truths Eventually, We Will All BeContinue reading “We will all become climate refugees”

Meeting for worship with attention to photography

Sometimes when people compliment a photo I’ve taken, I’ll say the Creator deserves the credit. Then they would often say I had a role in how the beauty was captured. I usually wouldn’t say anything further, but there is much more to my relationship with the Spirit and photography. Years ago I began to noticedContinue reading “Meeting for worship with attention to photography”

The eyes of the future are looking back at us

There is a native concept of considering what the effects of decisions made today will be on seven generations into the future. The following quotation makes a two way connection between us and future generations. Looking at each other over the generations. The eyes of the future are looking back at us and they areContinue reading “The eyes of the future are looking back at us”

Practicing Hope

Most white people in what is called North America were ignorant of the history of forced assimilation. But many are learning about it now, shocked to hear about the Native residential schools from news reports about the remains of hundreds of children on the grounds of those institutions. Are learning about the cultural genocide, theContinue reading “Practicing Hope”

Corrosive of the human spirit

I am broken, trying to make sense of Quakers’ involvement with the institutions of forced assimilation, the Native residential schools. In the news now because of the verification of the remains of hundreds, soon to be thousands, of children on the grounds of those institutions in both the US and Canada. Verified because Native peoplesContinue reading “Corrosive of the human spirit”

Students advocate for those who are houseless

The specter of potentially millions of people becoming houseless because of the termination of the moratorium on evictions reminds me of the students camping in the rain to call attention to the problem in Indianapolis. On ┬áDecember 5, 2015, Brebeuf Jesuit High School students camped out on the Circle downtown to highlight the problem ofContinue reading “Students advocate for those who are houseless”