Pipelines and soil destruction

Fossil fuel pipelines have been a target of water protectors for many years. Presidential approval for the Keystone XL pipeline gave rise to the Keystone Pledge of Resistance which was probably the reason the Obama administration eventually denied the permit. (See: https://landbackfriends.com/?s=keystone) In a textbook example of racial injustice, the route of the Dakota AccessContinue reading “Pipelines and soil destruction”

Not Enough Being Done for MMIW

I was not aware of the epidemic of violence against, and the disappearance and/or murder of Indigenous women prior to getting to know some Indigenous people. I first became aware when I rode in a van, organized by Ed Fallon, to Minneapolis February 3, 2018, the day before the Super Bowl was played there. MinneapolisContinue reading “Not Enough Being Done for MMIW”

What You Get into Will Change You

Recently a series of things happened that provoked some reflection. I saw the quote, “what you get into will change you. Sometimes in life you just don’t know what you’re getting into”, which prompted me to write the following. A lot happened to me since retiring and returning to Iowa four years ago. I hadn’tContinue reading “What You Get into Will Change You”

First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March Anniversary

My grandmother, Lorene Standing, said the will of God is often revealed in a series of small steps. I thought that meant a series of spiritual messages and that has been my experience. But also, looking back over our lives, the series of actions we took, the decisions we made, map the path traveled. SpiritualContinue reading “First Nation-Farmer Climate Unity March Anniversary”