Wet’suwet’en 1/11/2022

The last time I wrote about the Wet’suwet’en was January 2nd, RCMP Invasion expected on Wet’suwet’en territory. It’s not that the RCMP have left, but there has been a change in tactics. The threat continues. There’s no question that I am guilty of painting on the street because the reason is so important. Shawn SelwayContinue reading “Wet’suwet’en 1/11/2022”

COP 26 and Beyond Coal and Gas Alliance

COP 26 can only be seen as a failure since there was no agreement to end fossil fuel extraction and use. Nothing short of that will even slow down environmental collapse. It is not true that the deal “keeps 1.5C within reach” as COP26 President Alok Sharma says. Already the temperature has increased 1.1C. WeContinue reading “COP 26 and Beyond Coal and Gas Alliance”

Cannot depend on traditional power sources

Powerful hurricane Ida which gained strength from the hot Gulf waters (from global warming) destroyed square miles of buildings as it came ashore. Then caused massive flooding as it moved through the country. The entire electrical grid failed in New Orleans! It will be weeks or months before full power returns. In February this yearContinue reading “Cannot depend on traditional power sources”