Points of Unity

The second anniversary of my connections with Des Moines Mutual Aid is approaching. Our experiences together have literally changed my life. The Spirit led me to this and continues to do so. This can be a way to live through these increasingly uncertain times. True security lies in the unrestrained embrace of insecurity — inContinue reading “Points of Unity”

Mutual Aid and Hurricane Ida

It is difficult to not feel discouraged and helpless in the face of devastation from Hurricane Ida, severe drought and ferocious wildfires in the West, Coronavirus pandemic, mass incarceration, domestic terrorism, and subversion of our political and judicial systems. Clearly environmental chaos is rapidly evolving and these disasters will continue to grow in frequency andContinue reading “Mutual Aid and Hurricane Ida”

Students advocate for those who are houseless

The specter of potentially millions of people becoming houseless because of the termination of the moratorium on evictions reminds me of the students camping in the rain to call attention to the problem in Indianapolis. On ┬áDecember 5, 2015, Brebeuf Jesuit High School students camped out on the Circle downtown to highlight the problem ofContinue reading “Students advocate for those who are houseless”