Students advocate for those who are houseless

The specter of potentially millions of people becoming houseless because of the termination of the moratorium on evictions reminds me of the students camping in the rain to call attention to the problem in Indianapolis.

On  December 5, 2015, Brebeuf Jesuit High School students camped out on the Circle downtown to highlight the problem of homelessness in Indianapolis.  The president of the city council and two councilors were present, too. The term homeless was used then.

The rain didn’t dampen their spirits (much). My friend Jim Poyser had asked me to take photos of the event. I almost decided not to go when I saw how hard it was raining. I lived about a mile from downtown and didn’t have a car. And I didn’t have a way to contact Jim. But something kept urging me to at least see if they were there. It was a memorable night I’m glad I didn’t miss.

Fortunately I had a hood for my camera. The video is a slideshow of some of the photos I took that night.

The students had more presentations and rallies in the following months.

Houseless not homeless!

Those who are forced into being without an abode and/or dwelling are all to quickly deemed less than citizens. In many regards are even treated as less than human. How about thinking that we are NOT homeless, nor last-class citizens or non-human? We think, have feelings, have intellect and struggle. How would you feel to be thought of as anything less than human just for circumstances due to those of profit/gain/control?

Houseless, not homeless!

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