Water protectors and state sanctioned violence

Protecting water from fossil fuel pipeline projects is an example of #LANDBACK. There is the devastation to the earth during extraction of fossil fuels, during pipeline construction, and when the pipelines leak. The tons of carbon dioxide that will be added to our atmosphere when that fuel is burned. The acidification of the oceans asContinue reading “Water protectors and state sanctioned violence”


Resistance is a powerful concept. As I pray and learn about atrocities and injustices, the courage of resisters in all struggles, through all time, inspire me. My own first experience with resistance came when I was 18 years old and faced the decision regarding registering for the draft (Selective Service System). The stories of, theContinue reading “Resist”

Line 3 6/23/2021

There is an urgent call to support the Red Lake Treaty Camp in Minnesota Line 3 where Enbridge is moving in heavy machinery to prepare drilling at Red Lake River without a required tribal monitor present. Indigenous leaders have been exercising their treaty rights there to oppose the construction activities. They received notice this morningContinue reading “Line 3 6/23/2021”