Water walkers

Water protectors are walking from the headwaters of the Mississippi to Minneapolis. They are walking 235 miles to the Minnesota State Capitol to tell President Biden to cancel the Line 3 Tar Sands pipeline permit. The video at the end of this discusses LN3: 7 TEACHINGS OF THE ANISHINAABE RESISTANCE.

This morning, water walkers left Fire Light Camp on the Mississippi on a walk to St. Paul. They will be walking for two weeks to their destination of the Minnesota State Capitol Building, arriving by August 25th. The Capitol Building will hold a large welcome event to celebrate the walkers, and tell President Biden to step in and direct the Army Corps to cancel this pipeline’s permits.

Water walk begins from headwaters of Mississippi, headed to Capitol by August 25 by Barbara With, Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative, August 7, 2021

Water walkers bound for the Minnesota State Capitol left Backus, MN this morning after spending the night at the home of an ally along the route. The walk began last Saturday at the Fire Light Water Protector camp situated on the Mississippi River.

Water protectors spent nearly three weeks camping on the roadside near the Upper Mississippi to monitor Enbridge’s drilling activity under the river as they construct the Line 3 Tar Sands pipeline. Enbridge has drilled under dozens of rivers and waterways, causing several major “frac outs” that spilled toxic drilling fluid into rivers and wetlands. The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources has not appeared to provide oversight or consistently monitor Enbridge’s work.

Walkers plan to make the 235 mile journey to the State Capitol by August 25. They are planning acts of civil disobedience in order to demand that those in power honor the treaties and protect the public water from a foreign corporation.

Water Walkers headed for the Capitol: Why They Walk by August 25 by Barbara With, Wisconsin Citizens Media Cooperative, August 12, 2021

I’m reminded of the Native American youth who ran 2,000 miles from Standing Rock to Washington, DC, to deliver a petition to stop construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) in 2016.

“Most of us coming from the reservation have never been this far from home,” Bobbi Jean Three Legs, a resident of the Standing Rock Reservation, told PEOPLE on her 18th day of a 2,000-mile journey.

Three Legs spoke with PEOPLE from Frederick, Maryland – the last stop she and a group of 37 other Native Americans, mostly teens, made before completing a 2,000-mile run to Washington, D.C. to deliver the most important message of their lives.

The group ran from the Standing Rock Reservation in North Dakota all the way to Washington to hand over a petition started by Three Legs, 25, and Anna Lee Rain Yellowhammer, 13, to stop construction on a massive oil pipeline that would cross the Missouri River, putting their community’s sole water source at risk.

These Native American Youths Are Running 2,000 Miles to Protect Their Water “It feels like nobody’s thinking about our future,” Bobbi Jean Three Legs tells PEOPLE By Tiare Dunlap, PEOPLE Magazine, August 5, 2016

Reminded, also, of the sacred journey of a small group of us, walking and camping for eight days, 94 miles along the path of the Dakota Access Pipeline to call attention to the abuse of eminent domain to build the pipeline. Hoping that would stop the flow of oil through it, since at that point the pipeline was already in operation. https://firstnationfarmer.com/

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