Keep Mason City’s Racist Mascot in the Past

December 20 at 5:30 PM the Mason City Community School District will be meeting at 1515 South Pennsylvania Ave in Mason City (be there by 4:30). Map below. Monday, December 20, 2021, from 5:30 – 6:30 PM CSTMason City Community School District Administration Building1515 South Pennsylvania Avenue, Mason City, Iowa Important Notes:– Enter the buildingContinue reading “Keep Mason City’s Racist Mascot in the Past”

Confronting white supremacy in Johnston community school district

The video below was recorded from last night’s online meeting about the Racist Rise to Ban Anti-Racist Books, Confronting white supremacy in the Johnston School District. Of all the awful things that have been occurring over the last several years, banning books is the worst, so far, for me as a white person. At ScattergoodContinue reading “Confronting white supremacy in Johnston community school district”

Points of Unity

The second anniversary of my connections with Des Moines Mutual Aid is approaching. Our experiences together have literally changed my life. The Spirit led me to this and continues to do so. This can be a way to live through these increasingly uncertain times. True security lies in the unrestrained embrace of insecurity — inContinue reading “Points of Unity”

Future of Fossil Fuels

“The Future of Fossil Fuels Hinges on Two Huge Midwestern Pipeline Fights” by PETER MONTAGUE, Common Dreams, December 9, 2021, caught my attention. It is essential to stop construction of so-called Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) infrastructure that article is about. But I think the extraction and use of fossil fuels will end prior toContinue reading “Future of Fossil Fuels”

International Human Crime

The hundreds of square miles of forests in Canada ripped up for the extraction of tar sands is unbearable to see. Those images have been kept out of the mainstream media. As disturbing are the huge tailings ponds that hold the huge volumes of waste water contaminated during the extraction. How to deal with thatContinue reading “International Human Crime”

Battle of the Indianola “Indians”

First a reminder about today’s Indigenous-led forum discussing why mascots in Iowa are harmful and perpetuate white supremacy. Though Iowa has 27 racist “Indian” mascots still being used, they will spotlight the issue in Mason City where white supremacists have organized to protest the rightful retirement of the Mohawk mascot. My Mutual Aid mentorContinue reading “Battle of the Indianola “Indians””

Abolish Racist Mascots

The use of Native symbols and names has come to attention as pressure has come to change such names and symbols of national sports teams for example. Tomorrow’s discussion will be about the use of Mohawk in Mason City, Iowa. The Mason City Community School District reached out to the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe andContinue reading “Abolish Racist Mascots”

Call on RBC to stop funding Coastal GasLink pipeline

Divestment from banks that fund fossil fuel projects has long been an effective way to bring attention to the financial institutions involved in such projects. I’ve (@ran activist @jakislin) been involved in numerous divestment campaigns. As one example, in 2015 I was involved with a divestment campaign by the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) toContinue reading “Call on RBC to stop funding Coastal GasLink pipeline”

Pipelines and soil destruction

Fossil fuel pipelines have been a target of water protectors for many years. Presidential approval for the Keystone XL pipeline gave rise to the Keystone Pledge of Resistance which was probably the reason the Obama administration eventually denied the permit. (See: In a textbook example of racial injustice, the route of the Dakota AccessContinue reading “Pipelines and soil destruction”

Does this path have a good heart?

It is alarming but unsurprising to hear of yet another type of fossil fuel pipeline project. Far too late, many people are finally being confronted with the consequences of decades of excess fossil fuel burning. And of course, they are clamoring for the problem to be taken care of immediately. There are no quick fixes.Continue reading “Does this path have a good heart?”