I first heard of the Wet’suwet’en peoples and their struggle to prevent the construction of the Coastal GasLink (CGL) pipeline through their pristine land in January 2020. What caught my attention was the following video, “Coastal Gaslink Evicted from Unist’ot’en territory.” Having been engaged with protecting water from the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelinesContinue reading “#AllOutForWedzinKwa”

We fight for our children

I avoid too many quotations and media from other sources in these blog posts. But there are stories that need to be told by those most affected, those doing the work for truth and justice. The stories here are by and about the Wet’suwet’en peoples who have been working for years to protect their landsContinue reading “We fight for our children”

Listen with open ears

These past several days have brought attention to the concepts of truth and reconciliation as the land known as Canada held its first observation of the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation. September 30th was also Orange Shirt Day, which focuses on those who were forced to attend the Indian Boarding Schools, those institutions ofContinue reading “Listen with open ears”

Orange Shirts and Wet’suwet’en Arrests

It is good that the land called Canada went through years of work related to the Indigenous residential schools. Passed legislation and budgeted funds. Has designated September 30th as the National Day for Truth and Reconciliation, celebrated for the first time a few days ago. Many wore orange shirts that symbolize the children who wereContinue reading “Orange Shirts and Wet’suwet’en Arrests”

Listen…to the story

Many tragic stories were told yesterday, the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in the land called Canada. Although rooted in tragedy, it felt like the time has come to begin to bring these stories into the light. A sense of relief, in a way, that these deeply buried traumas are being told. YetContinue reading “Listen…to the story”

National Day for Truth and Reconciliation

Today, Sept 30, 2021, is the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation in the country known as Canada. There is a lot of publicity now related to the institutions of forced assimilation. The remains of thousands of children being located by ground penetrating radar on the grounds of those institutions. Articles about the historyContinue reading “National Day for Truth and Reconciliation”

UNeducate Yourself!

I have purchased a number of books and graphic novels from Jason Eaglespeaker. https://www.eaglespeaker.com/ In honor of National Day for Truth & Reconciliation (September 30th, in Canada), Jason is offering all three versions of UNeducation, A Residential School Graphic Novel, Vol 1 for free! See where to get them below. This offer is good forContinue reading “UNeducate Yourself!”

Orange Shirt Day

I’m saddened by the disconnect between Canada’s years of work on truth and reconciliation related to institutions of forced assimilation of Indigenous children and the ongoing militarized response by the government against the Wet’suwet’en peoples (see the tweets at the end for updates). The investigation related to the remains of Indigenous children on the groundsContinue reading “Orange Shirt Day”

Defending Wedzin Kwa

Over the past several days there has been escalating conflict between the Wet’suwet’en peoples and the Coastal Gaslink pipeline company, which is supported by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Coastal GasLink is trying to drill under the sacred headwaters, Wedzin Kwa. The last tweet below talks about the most recent attempts of armed invasion ofContinue reading “Defending Wedzin Kwa”