Does this path have a good heart?

It is alarming but unsurprising to hear of yet another type of fossil fuel pipeline project.

Far too late, many people are finally being confronted with the consequences of decades of excess fossil fuel burning. And of course, they are clamoring for the problem to be taken care of immediately.

There are no quick fixes.

Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) is being promoted as part of a solution to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide (CO2) concentrations. My last blog post was an introduction to CSS.

Carbon capture involves several complex processes. The infographic Carbon Capture 101 below from the Department of Energy attempts to explain these processes.

There are many reasons to reject the idea of carbon capture and storage.

But how you look at CSS comes from what you believe about your relationship with Mother Earth. Carbon capture and storage is an attempt to placate us, so we won’t object to continued, wildly excessive fossil fuel burning. Despite the clear consequences of that, greenhouse gas emissions continue to climb!!

Instead of CCS, we need to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions (green line below).

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Great Plains Action Society

December 4 at 1:48 PM Navigator Heartland Greenway is a Texas-owned company and Summit is an Iowa company owned by Bruce Rastetter, a shining example of the predatory white heteropatriarchy that steals, cheats, and perpetuates violence on the land and the people. CO2 Pipelines are not the answer at all to the climate crisis and are in, fact, just perpetuating the corrupt fossil fuel industry. Find out more at the Iowa Carbon Pipeline Resistance Coalition page.
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