Wet’suwet’en Urgent Update

The arrest of Chief Dsta’hyl occurred just a few hours ago. The only news are the following tweets and Facebook posts. Supporters are asked to do what they can now. “We need boots on the ground!” There have been many conflicts and arrests of Wet’suwet’en people by militarized Royal Canadian Mounted Police. There are heightenedContinue reading “Wet’suwet’en Urgent Update”

Wet’suwet’en update 10.6.2021

#AllOutForWedzinKwa Coastal Gaslink is preparing to drill under the Wedzin Kwa to construct their 670km fracked gas pipeline. We know this would be disastrous, not only for Wet’suwet’en people, but for all living beings supported by the Wedzin Kwa, and for the communities living downstream. Wedzin Kwa is a spawning ground for salmon and aContinue reading “Wet’suwet’en update 10.6.2021”

Wet’suwet’en struggle continues

It is tragic that at the same time the concepts of #LANDBACK are being embraced, resource extractive companies continue to take land, without free and prior consent. And it is ironic that this conflict is going on at a time when Canada will celebrate the first National Day for Truth and Reconciliation on September 30.Continue reading “Wet’suwet’en struggle continues”

Notes to myself

This morning I’m seeking guidance for a way to discuss the concepts of, and my experiences with Mutual Aid in preparation for a discussion about that with my Quaker meeting. Quakers have a long tradition of prayerfully reflecting upon a series of questions, we call queries, to facilitate our discussions of topics like education, socialContinue reading “Notes to myself”

Defund Coastal GasLink

Today (12/22/2021) we will be gathering in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en peoples at 4:00 PM. at the Chase Bank, 3621 Merle Hay Rd, Des Moines, IA 50310. Chase is one of the major institutions funding fossil fuel projects, including the Coastal GasLink pipeline being built on Wet’suwet’en lands. Pressuring financial institutions to divest funds fromContinue reading “Defund Coastal GasLink”


The complete title of the post quoted below is “WET’SUWET’EN RESISTANCE AND SOLIDARITY: EVICTING THE COLONIZERS” By YintahAccess.com, December 19, 2021. Wet’suwet’en land defenders have reminded us through their recent re-capture of Coyote Camp – injunctions are only pieces of paper. Canadian law has no legitimacy on stolen land. #LANDBACK Reconciliation at GunpointCONTENT WARNING: DetailedContinue reading “EVICTING COLONIZERS”

International Week of Action to Defund Coastal GasLink

Join the International Week of Action to Defund Coastal GasLink starting December 20 Toolkit: 20 December Week of Action to #DefundCoastalGasLink.This toolkit is for grassroots activists wishing to take part in the week of action the week of December 20st against Coastal Gaslink’s partners.https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q7GBPhpkCBn5f4_X-oxUpDHNnkZsqXsg01eaaM-KLMU/edit There will be a gathering in solidarity with the Wet’suwet’en peoplesContinue reading “International Week of Action to Defund Coastal GasLink”

Call on RBC to stop funding Coastal GasLink pipeline

Divestment from banks that fund fossil fuel projects has long been an effective way to bring attention to the financial institutions involved in such projects. https://jeffkisling.com/?s=divest I’ve (@ran activist @jakislin) been involved in numerous divestment campaigns. As one example, in 2015 I was involved with a divestment campaign by the Rainforest Action Network (RAN) toContinue reading “Call on RBC to stop funding Coastal GasLink pipeline”

Canadian pipeline and railway protests

Railway protests across Canada in support of the Wet’suwet’en and other First Nation peoples have been used effectively for several years. Following are excerpts from a detailed discussion of Canadian railway protests found on Wikipedia. “Rail was a harbinger of colonized settlements and the genocide of Indigenous peoples.” And among the other interesting things inContinue reading “Canadian pipeline and railway protests”

I can’t breathe

CONTENT WARNING: POLICE VIOLENCE I first learned about the concepts of #LANDBACK and the work of the Wet’suwet’en peoples’ work to protect their pristine land and water from construction of the Coastal GasLink pipeline in January 2020. One of the first things I saw was the following video. In it Denzel Sutherland-Wilson talks about landContinue reading “I can’t breathe”