Militarism and LANDBACK

What triggered this blog post was learning Congress is working to require women to register for the Selective Service System (“draft”). Men have been required to do so for decades. As I began to write about that, I had to decide whether to post this article on my blog Quakers, social justice and revolution whereContinue reading “Militarism and LANDBACK”

LANDBACK Movement Introduction

The following is an explanation of the LANDBACK Movement LANDBACK.ORG LANDBACK is a movement that has existed for generations with a long legacy of organizing and sacrifice to get Indigenous Lands back into Indigenous hands. Currently, there are LANDBACK battles being fought all across Turtle Island, to the north and the South. As NDN Collective,Continue reading “LANDBACK Movement Introduction”

LANDBACK Campaign demands

Dismantle — white supremacy structures that forcefully removed us from our Lands and continue to keep our Peoples in oppression. Bureau of Land Management, National Parks Service Defund — white supremacy and the mechanisms and systems that enforce it and disconnect us from stewardship of the Land. Police, military industrial complex, Border Patrol, ICE Return — All publicContinue reading “LANDBACK Campaign demands”

LANDBACK organizing principles

Don’t burn bridges: even when there is conflict between groups or organizers remember that we are fighting for all of our peoples and we will continue to be in community even after this battle Don’t defend our ways  Organize to win  Move from abundance – We come from a space of scarcity. We must work from aContinue reading “LANDBACK organizing principles”

LANDBACK Manifesto

It is the reclamation of everything stolen from the original Peoples. Land Language Ceremony Medicines Kinship It is a relationship with Mother Earth that is symbiotic and just, where we have reclaimed stewardship.  It is bringing our People with us as we move towards liberation and embodied sovereignty through an organizing, political and narrative framework.  It isContinue reading “LANDBACK Manifesto”

LANDBACK Introduction

The following introduction to LANDBACK comes from LANDBACK.ORG On July 3, 2020, Land Defenders took to Mt.Rushmore to reignite the fight for the Black Hills and the closure of Mt. Rushmore, a symbol of white supremacy and racism. Now, 21 of those Land Defenders who stood in defense of the sacred Ȟesápa, the ancestral homelandsContinue reading “LANDBACK Introduction”

Four Indigenous Climbers Arrested “LANDBACK”

From NDN’s Landback campaign. NDN Collective is an Indigenous-led organization dedicated to building Indigenous power. Through organizing, activism, philanthropy, grantmaking, capacity-building, and narrative change, we are creating sustainable solutions on Indigenous terms. Four Indigenous Climbers Arrested After Mounting “LANDBACK” Flag From 100 Ft Dakota Mills Grain Silo Action Calls Out Hypocrisy of July 4th, Uplifts DemandContinue reading “Four Indigenous Climbers Arrested “LANDBACK””

LANDBACK and Quakers. A case study

The idea of “landback” — returning land to the stewardship of Indigenous peoples — has existed in different forms since colonial governments seized it in the first place. “Any time an Indigenous person or nation has pushed back against the oppressive state, they are exercising some form of landback,” says Nickita Longman, a community organizer from GeorgeContinue reading “LANDBACK and Quakers. A case study”